To my forever, Ryen:
My dreamlover, future baby father,
Mate of the soul, give me feelings
I can’t control
Or describe
With words
It hurts
But in a different way
Da kine you’d hear
Those romantic novels say
I feel so grateful every day
That we found each other
The missing peace
Of my jigsaw
It’s so raw
And unending
I gotta stop pretending
And hiding
Behind pride
To show what I feel
My mind
My soul
My heart
You hold
All the keys, the only key
To unlock this mystery
Of a utopia
Beyond my wildest fantasies
I can’t believe
I love your ding-a-ling
But I’ll keep this classy
Sorry I get sassy
I’m still learning
And growing and evolving
With you, through you
My world, my universe.
I love you.

Happy 2 months
Of pure joy
Of perfection
Of unconditional love
Of synchronicity
Of boundless energy
…and a whole new world
Full of surprises
And non-surprises
To look forward to
With my once-in-a-lifetime.
I love you.

– Katrina


Notes: This was 5 min of uninterrupted flow just before 1am; only two tweaks but mostly working on a fluid creation process. I’m constantly being inspired and this piece is dedicated to my life partner.


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