All About ‘Drake – God’s Plan’ Music Video

I was divinely inspired to write this post after reflecting on my lack of efforts and what’s really driving me to write. I read the news here and there and find mostly negative highlights that mess up my brain along with having to read poor spelling and grammar – national Aussie news sites, how can you publish with such basic writing mistakes!

Anyways, a lot of time I wonder what’s the point of me writing about a trending topic when news sites all over will cover it – what difference would I make? I thought this after the idea of writing about Drake – “God’s Plan” music video sparked in my mind and then after reading a few articles and realising how little depth they provided, I decided to go ahead and put my own flavour to it.

What also turned me off were all the negative comments that came after and it was a disheartening reminder that so many people can hate on something so positive. I would love to be able to read in depth about a positive trending story without the haterade.

I watched the video after waking up this morning and felt a strong emotional pull that made me tear up. It was brilliantly done with such a pure, positive and loving intent from Drake and his crew. Amidst everything else going wrong with the world today, it was a relief to see a little ray of light poking through.

It’s obvious that Drake is becoming more and more aligned with his higher self and God / The Universe / Source Energy, noting that this is the most important thing he’s ever done in his career.

Drake gave away the entire budget of his music video (almost USD$1 million) to groups and individuals in need in Florida. Here are the recipients that we know of:

1. $25,0000 and new uniforms to Miami Senior High School

2. $50,000 scholarship to Destiny James at the University of Miami

3. Free groceries at the Sabor Tropical Super Market in Miami

4. $50,000 + gift cards and toys to the Lotus House Shelter of Miami women and children’s shelter

5. Spa day, steak dinner and a $10,000 shopping spree for hotel maid Odelie Paret

Inspired by her story of 14-hour work days at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel along with up to a 4-hour commute time, Drake gave her and two other women a 45-minute shopping spree at Saks to buy whatever they wanted.

6. Cash and cars for other families and community groups in need

Drake approached a woman in a business suit and her son still in school uniform sitting on a ledge, handing them money. As her tears fell, mine did too. The appreciation and relief from them was so strong, it really moved my soul.

He rolled up to Overtown Youth Centre and gave away free ice cream and a brand new van.

Bring some love and light into your world, even just a little.

Anything is possible.

– K.

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