Life Hack: Conscious Breathing (The Wim Hof Method)

About 5 years ago I discovered that I was breathing wrong my whole life – i.e. subconsciously releasing shallow breaths most of the time. I started doing more mindful breathing exercises during meditation, yoga and exercise, finding out that breathing patterns were important during running and any physical activity to increase performance.

Then a few days ago, I stumble upon a video of Wim Hof on The Joe Rogan podcast and since then, I’ve been hooked on the Wim Hof Method.

The first time I tried the breathing technique, I felt super lightheaded – he says this is normal, it’s part of it. 3 days of continuing the breathing technique, I have increased the amount of time I consciously breathe, the time I can hold my breath (which is not long and possibly hindered from my asthma condition).

I had so much more energy today that I did half an hour of exercise (21 min on the treadmill, 9 min using the BodBot app which I find the best of its kind). The last time I did exercise apart from walking my dog around the block each morning was probably 2 weeks ago.

I highly recommend you check him out:

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