Moving out: 1 week from thought to manifestation

My brother commented that he couldn’t believe it had only taken me 1 week from turning an idea into reality. He helped me move into my new apartment exactly one week after I decided I wanted to move out of home again after being there for just over a year to save money. It went like this:

Saturday 6 July: Decide to move out

Sunday 7-Tuesday 9 July: Look at a variety of studios, 1 bedroom and flatshare places

Tuesday 9 July: Blog about moving out of home. At 11pm I see an ad posted on Gumtree 2 hours earlier. Text them straight away to view the place the next day.

Wednesday 10 July: View place. Love it and have a good gut feeling about the woman/potential flatmate. She’s a salsa dance teacher and kinesiologist among other things and we have a mutual friend

Thursday 11 July: After some drama with another place, I take the apartment I saw the previous day and agree to move in on Saturday

Saturday 13 July: Pack my shit, removalists do their thing, sleep in my new room

Lesson of this story:

Gain CLARITY on what you want and just go for it. Tweak as you go along as you’ll be able to refine your preferences during your search. Then when you gain clarity on what you want, it’ll appear in front of you and you’re already ready to take it. Fuckin’ easy.

Bonus lesson:

FOCUS. I was super focused on finding a place, to improve my living situation (just wanted to be closer to Sydney CBD, everything else was perfect living at home) and wanted to make that change asap. The commute to and from work really fucked me up since it was an hour each way. Now I love walking down past The Star casino, over Pyrmont Bridge when the morning sun hits Darling Harbour and makes me grateful every morning that I live in such an amazing city.

Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney

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