Moving out: 1 week from thought to manifestation

My brother commented that he couldn’t believe it had only taken me 1 week from turning an idea into reality. He helped me move into my new apartment exactly one week after I decided I wanted to move out of home again after being there for just over a year to save money. It went like this:
Saturday 6 July: Decide to move out
Sunday 7-Tuesday 9 July: Look at a variety of studios, 1 bedroom and flatshare places
Tuesday 9 July: Blog about moving out of home. At 11pm I see an ad posted on Gumtree 2 hours earlier. Text them straight away to view the place the next day.
Wednesday 10 July: View place. Love it and have a good gut feeling about the woman/potential flatmate. She’s a salsa dance teacher and kinesiologist among other things and we have a mutual friend
Thursday 11 July: After some drama with another place, I take

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