My Belated 2017 New Year’s Post

It will be February 2017 in 2 days and out of the hazy aftermath of a wonderful 30-day holiday with my husband, I find myself wandering aimlessly through my mind to find motivation to get back on track with my hustle. I felt the urge to blog and wonder how long this will last, as my weakness is my consistency in writing frequently like I used to, about a decade ago when I was still at university.

Much has changed since I started blogging and I’ve been able to simplify my life greatly. I meditated on the purpose of my writing just this morning and realised that it would offer me a therapeutic and creative outlet again while documenting my life and thoughts for my future self; there are so many moments from my past that I can’t remember, as though they never happened, even when recounted by a friend or acquaintance.

It doesn’t really matter if my only reader is my husband and number one fan, or that I write while I find my purpose for blogging; it just matters that I do it when my soul urges me to, like it is at this moment.

I get overwhelmed at the thought of wanting to perfect each post and edit it until I’m satisfied, though this is something I am learning to let go of in all aspects of my life – done is better than perfect and perfection is just an illusion.

It’s the same with my business, whether starting one or growing it. So many times I thought I had to line all these factors up, wait for the pieces to fit and then take the real action steps towards creating a business, when really my success has come from being imperfect and making mistakes while building a “plane in the sky” as the saying goes.

It’s been 1 year and 5 months since I quit my corporate job and I still have no plans on going back to being an employee for now. I have too much fun in doing my own thing and for now, I just want to keep all my business ventures a secret after being so public with my previous dance studio ventures. People are always puzzled as to how I can afford to go on holiday and just how I’m surviving and my story isn’t as glamorous as when I was managing Digital Transformation at Citibank or the head of a dance studio, though I’m having the most fun just geeking out and working from home.

The struggle is real though, when your business stops when you travel and my focus is shifting towards systems that can still generate me an income regardless of where I am; being location independent and ensuring nothing in your business processes and quality suffers as a result of this. That is what I consider freedom and what I am striving for.

The other difficult part is being in a long-distance marriage. My husband is doing what he needs to do to prepare to move to Australia while planning our wedding with my sister-in-law who is my maid of honour. So we’re both busy hustling and in many ways it’s a blessing for both of us to stay focused and use our downtime to rest or keep hustling instead of getting lazy together or having date nights etc. In fact, I think I prefer it this way for now.

Our relationship works because we both trust each other immensely and we’re both committed to the hustle. I am never worried about him seeing other women or partying hard and vice versa because we’re just a lot more mature in so many ways and we’re not the type to be seeking affection elsewhere, no matter how lonely we get or whatever.

I’ve decided to take an indefinite break from Instagram and reduce time spent on any social media. I don’t watch TV or follow the news either so a lot of my time is spent educating myself through business and entrepreneurial content and improving on my tech skills in selling and marketing online. I think blogging will be a better outlet in the end, because the short forms of social networks are fleeting and at times superficial with too many opportunities to get distracted. Here, it’s just me and a blank screen on WordPress.

There’s so much to write about, all the travelling I’ve done in the last 2 years alone could fill months of posts.

I do apologise to all the people who have supported me and encouraged me to keep writing – I have let you down with my lack of motivation. But I have come to realise, after building my latest start up, that action > motivation; habit > why. It’s why I created a routine for myself (be half awake, meditate, actually wake up, freshen up, drink a glass of lemon water, check emails and notifications, work through my To Do list, eat brunch as my first meal, have some downtime, clean up/declutter, eat a light meal, keep working, eat dinner, feed my mind then sleep and repeat). Blogging will have to be included from now on.


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