My Daily Instagram Wisdom Snippet Series – Spreading Love, Positivity and Aloha

There’s a lot of negativity out there in general and so I thought, well why can’t I be one of those people that just spreads positivity? I have my haterade moments and can rant every now and then but that’s because I keep it real. We all break down. We all have our struggles. So I’m sharing all of it, the good with the bad.

When I started my journey of self development and enlightenment after the end of a long term relationship when I was 26 (I’m now 31), I read a LOT of inspiring quotes. I filled my Pinterest with the ones that really spoke to me, and there were plenty. So after a 2am Skype session with one of my life friends Anna who is currently living in London, I was inspired.

I’ve just starting creating quotes based on little thoughts I have during the day, during conversations with friends, after being absorbed in some book; and others I’ve seen or read are recreated.

I haven’t been great with consistency in blogging or posting on Instagram but it’s something I will focus on, apart from building my eCommerce businesses. There’s a lot of joy in people reaching out to you publicly and privately to tell you how they needed to hear what you shared, and that little bit of hope it brought to them just blows me away.

After living back and forth from Sydney to Hawaii, I’ve learned a lot about being comfortable in changing living conditions, in the power and deeper meaning of ALOHA and how to shift your vibrations to create more positive experiences.

So far, the quotes I’ve shared have been a combination of all sorts, positively themed and it started with “UNFUCKWITHABLE”. There’s definitely a theme around shifting your mindset, I guess because that’s where it all starts. Instead of being too heavily influenced by what’s around you, who’s around you – you have to have a lot more control over your thoughts and this will help you create the kind of life that you desire and deserve.

Goodluck, I hope you find it useful.





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