The Next Step In My Journey With ‘Law of Attraction’

I stumbled across Abraham Hicks a few years ago, but it’s only lately that I’ve ramped up my studies of them and intensified my focus on understanding their teachings. My life changed dramatically in the last 2.5 years after quitting my corporate banking job of 8 years, and I owe it to these teachings.

It’s time to take manifestation to the next level and two days ago, I received the message that I can start blogging again with topics that feel the least resistant to me. I’ve always been on and off with writing and hesitant to share parts of my life and other times I feel inspired by others telling me how much they enjoy reading my work.

So maybe the next step in my journey with The Law of Attraction is for me to explore the teachings of Abraham by creating content that will help me and other students in understanding them. Listening to the seminars and workshops, I feel that the crowds of people who are open-minded to a concept like Abraham are the types that I want to attract more into my life and will make as great supporters of this blog.

This is for anyone stuck in their journey (aren’t we all?) who are aware of Abraham but want deeper insights and other ways to digest the learnings.

I feel like I’m finally in a place where I understand enough and have seen enough evidence in my life to write about it with confidence.

Take for example, how I met my husband. I was in a great place in my life, having just quit my job and feeling free, on a world trip for 3 months to celebrate my dirty 30th birthday with my closest friends. In the middle of this trip, I met my husband through my cousin while staying with my grandma in Hawaii and we hit it off right away. We eloped just 10 months later and had our big wedding ceremony 14 months after that. It all happened so fast and he is everything I’ve wanted.

I wholeheartedly believe in Abraham and The Law of Attraction and invite others seeking similar guidance to join me on this exciting journey to enlightenment to manifesting all that we desire. Please reach out via commenting on this post or emailing me if you have any thoughts to share 🙂 You can also subscribe to the blog to get updates.

– K.

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