Todrick Hall – Straight Outta Oz (Deluxe Edition) 2016 Visual Album & Tour

The creative genius who started on YouTube

I’ve been a huge fan of Todrick Hall‘s since he first posted his spontaneous singing performances at various fast food chains. It was incredible how he kept evolving his artistry to mashed up Disney-themed R&B and hip hop music videos, gaining a spike in popularity especially from ‘Twerking in the Rain’.

The collaboration with then up-and-comers Pentatonix expanded both of their fan bases with the crossover music video ‘The Wizard of Ahhhs’.

This video still gives me goosebumps with how genius the storytelling is and how visually complementary everything is, from the costumes to the set designs and the transitions from each song to the next.

Straight Outta Oz – Live Show

Todrick went on tour to bring his shows to live audiences across the USA mainly, and for those of us out of reach, he has recently made a deluxe video available for us to enjoy.

Based on his life, his struggles and the beauty of emotions that we all so commonly explore in our own lives. His work is relatable on many levels while bringing attention to injustices and frustrations he has experienced as a black gay man growing up in Texas, and then rising to stardom in Los Angeles and beyond.

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Straight Outta Oz – Deluxe Video

Obviously greatly inspired by Beyonce, the one hour plus video includes original music, elaborate sequences interspersed with touching intimate solo performances and a sprinkle of guest stars. Featured artists include Wayne BradyNicole Scherzinger, Jordin Sparks, Perez Hilton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Amber Riley. Todrick has become well-connected with the pop stars of today and gives them a chance to shine too.

An absolutely brilliant piece of work, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. For now, enjoy ‘Straight Outta Oz’ (Deluxe Edition).

Todrick Hall’s Straight Outta Oz Australian Tour 2017

I’m excited that he’s coming to Australia in June 2017 with his show and can’t wait to check it out.

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