Video Of The Year: Michael Jackson – Black Or White By Tobias Ellehammer

Watching this dance concept video made me experience a spiritual high that I rarely feel from most things I’ve seen on social channels in the past few years. This one gave me goosebumps on goosebumps, teary-eyes and that breathless, overwhelming of rush kinda feeling, especially when I saw my hometown Sydney which then transitioned onto the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan (with Yoshie, one of my all-time dance idols) where I was exactly one year ago.

The choreography is exquisite and refined, maintaining a high level of energy throughout the video amongst a backdrop of various cities around the world. The worldly perspective reminds us that dance is a common and accessible art form, expressed in all types of cultures so beautifully as individuals unify to promote positive messages.

Dance is love.

Dance is freedom.

The dance will always be there for you, forgiving you for neglecting it, for prioritizing other aspects of your life but it will always accept you and welcome you back with warmth and light.

Hands down the best video I’ve watched all year; my congratulations, respect, and admiration go out to the brains behind it, Tobias Ellehammer and his team that put it together.

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