WATCH: Real Lawyer Reacts to Suits TV Show

Hi guys,

I finally have some breathing room to write on this blog and the thing that inspired to do it was a great video of a real lawyer reacting to one of my favourites, the Suits TV show. As someone who has been obsessed with Law & Order and similar shows but never studying law, it was a fascinating notion to hear a lawyer comment on the accuracy of this content.

I’m sitting here on Christmas morning, just taking it easy and eating leftovers from last night in the a/c because it’s a scorcher of a day and we’re too lazy to leave the house.

Not sure what the path was to this video after watching James Corden’s Christmas Carpool Karaoke special with Michael Buble and a few other guests, but I’m glad I found it because I subscribed right away.

It’s like watching Hawaii Life with my husband who gives some really entertaining commentary that I wouldn’t want him to repeat outside of our bubble as it’s quite offensive but funny. He also does give some really interesting insight from a local’s perspective mixed in with his own life experiences about lots of places across the main islands of Hawaii.

I used to love watching movies with director’s commentary back when buying DVDs was the thing and they started coming out with these bonus features, sometime in the early 2000s. The only time I’ve actively sought this commentary is for Game of Thrones which I’m a massive fan of.

So watching Suits with a lawyer is so interesting and reading the comment thread was also hilarious, as he encourages viewers to leave objections that he will reply to.

Looks like I’ve got the next hour or so sorted out!

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