Why I’m such a dick

I’m the type of person who will call someone out on something if it’s worth my time. I’ll tell people I really care about, the straight up truth, sometimes in pretty blunt ways on purpose to shock them and make them remember what I said. I’m also the type of person who will happily serve myself my own medicine and get rid of douchebags who don’t. So I call myself out on bullshit, and lately I’ve been telling myself what I dick I’ve been.

Dick punch

I always tell people that “the most successful people are the ones who have failed the most” and in my case, I’ll happily admit my failures (which took me a long time to be able to do). One of which I am focusing on being better at – having the discipline and focus to make one of my many ideas, a reality. I’ve been really bad at finishing things I started. When I took the Myers-Briggs test at work, my result was INFJ and they said the biggest downfall of these types are not being able to finish what they start. Shit. This has always been my biggest downfall.

I’ve started working on so many ideas in the past that I just let fizzle. My blogging is one thing I regret not continuing. It was difficult, but I chose to focus on my career, my business (Ace Dance Studios) and my relationship at the time. That was already more than a handful. So now it’s time to fill the void with blogging again and this time, stick with it. I’m just going to merge my personal blog, mztrina.com and my Ace Dance blog into this one, hoping that will help me stick with it and not feel so overwhelmed.

Any encouragement from whoever is reading this would be MASSIVELY appreciated, in whatever form. Sometimes we just need a little push and acknowledgement to give us that boost when we feel like our efforts are fruitless.

More to come,

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