The Prom 2020 Movie Review

A vibrant, visual call to normalise equality
  • The Prom (2020 Movie)


I didn’t know much about The Prom musical before watching the film adaptation, so the cast and format was a really nice surprise. The star-studded ensemble includes THE divine Meryl Streep, one of our best exports, Nicole Kidman and funny man Keegan-Michael Key. James Corden sorta made sense but I couldn’t 100% buy in to his character – the accent was also throwing me off.

The visuals were full of glitz and glamour with a kaleidoscope of colours and vibrant energy. The way they packaged up logic and reason in an “edutainment” way, was nicely done – particularly the “Love Thy Neighbor” number.

It made really excited about the increasing openness and acceptance of an evolved society that hopefully, our future generations will live in. Our grandkids may live in a world where they look back in disbelief at how we used to treat each other differently, based on who we are.

I’m sure I missed so much during my first viewing that I’m keen to watch it again. I didn’t find any songs catchy which is probably part of my lack of attention, unlike most of the memorable tracks on The Greatest Showman movie.

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