Climb a Tree Instead of a Ladder

While walking Hugo this morning, I thought I’d change my perspective of the world by tilting my head up ever so slightly towards the sky. Right ahead of me was this beautiful tree about 20 metres high, with sturdy branches expanding out like alternate rungs on a stationary step ladder.

It hit me that you could climb a tree metaphorically towards your success, which makes more sense than climbing a ladder.

A ladder is fixed in its dimensions and built by a person with a finite number of rungs.

A tree, on the other hand, has a steady foundation with roots spread beneath the surface and is a living, breathing, evolving form of life. Under the right conditions, it can continue to grow upward and outward.

The ladder has limitations.

The tree is unlimited in its growth potential. Your foundation (roots) is essential to that growth, which we don’t always consider when thinking about reaching our goals.

At our core, what are the foundations that make us unique with something of value to offer the world? What comprises our roots, that will hold us steady and grounded if someone decides to come and chop us down?

In gardening, to allow plants to flourish, a strategic amount of pruning has to be done. We cut off the dead weight or sculpt it in a way that we believe will allow it to bloom and grow.

How often do we ‘prune’ things in our lives? Habits, beliefs, people, decisions, processes, tasks, etc. How often do we reassess what’s holding us back from flourishing?

Now that I’ve gotten into gardening, I’ve started looking at my life like one big garden to tend to. Applying the same principles and reaping massive benefits from small and consistent, loving actions.

What else can we do to fertilise our soil? To make sure we’re watered at the right levels for optimal performance.

This isn’t really as eloquent as I’d like, but we must write and accept ‘imperfections’. Just let it out as it comes and embrace the experience.

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