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A Review of Build Your Empire Magazine, Issue 1

I just finished reading the first issue of ‘Build Your Empire’ – a free digital magazine for entrepreneurs. I randomly stumbled upon it whilst browsing Google Play the other night.

It’s available on the app stores only

I don’t really understand the use of the medium of mobile apps for an online magazine which you have to pinch and zoom to read since it seems like it’s just a PDF; perhaps it’s for exposure and distribution and future plans that the founder has for it.

Created by a fellow Aussie with a charitable cause

Started by a young fellow Aussie from Melbourne, Brad Cameron, who is passionate about building a community of entrepreneurs all over the world. He aims to provide free, valuable content and hopes that readers will support his very worth fundraising campaign via Pencils of Promise. Their goal is to raise USD$25k to build a school in Laos for kids in need.

A cause very close to my heart, which brought memories of my dearly departed friend Jerry Snell; we had plans to create dance and life skills programs in the orphanages he was working with on the border of Thailand and Burma.

Curated and condensed interview content

The magazine had a good amount of content with a variety of high-performing interviewees that had proven successes in different industries. I devoured the mag from cover to cover in about half an hour.

What I liked about this format is that it’s a curated and condensed version of the podcasts and articles that I’d listen to, watch or read. It cuts out a lot of the noise and gets down to the important stuff. There are similar themes in each article which is fine, because it just reiterates it (like follow a passion that makes you money too).

Notable young entrepreneurs

It’s obvious that this is a labour of love and just so real. I recognised Jack Delosa whom I’ve followed for a few years now and have been fortunate to meet a few times through my accountant. The founder of MyBudget gave her back story which I could relate to, coming from a banking and finance background myself.

Shout out to diversity

It was also nice to see someone Asian on the front cover of a non-Asian magazine – Randall Pich, The CEO and Founder of Live Fit. Apparel. Growing up in the days of Cosmopolitan, Dolly, Girlfriend and all those other teen to young adult female mags which really played to stereotypes back in those days.

Who I’d like to read more about

Personally, I would love to see my current hero, Jack Ma, be interviewed in one of the future issues. Jack is so underrated despite his success in changing the state of global eCommerce and logistics.


Cheers to Brad and his Build Your Empire team, I wish you success and will keep reading!

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